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Carmika SFL

Carmika™ Reflective Insulation

Developed using high-quality plastic and aluminium foil, Carmika™ is a strong, efficient and low-cost insulation solution for homes, automobiles and industries. Carmika™ blends the benefits of both materials- plastic and aluminium to provide effective insulation. While plastic air pockets act as a thermal barrier, aluminium foil layers serve as a powerful heat reflector to keep the temperature in check and ensure effective insulation.

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Carmika™ Reflective Insulation|FEATURE & BENEFITS

  • Easy-to-install using nails, screws or industrial adhesive
  • Easy-to-convert and cut into required shape or size
  • Heat, water, UV, Moisture and mold resistant
  • Completely fire retardant and rodent resistant
  • Durable, strong and tear resistant
  • Can be installed with minimum safety gear
  • High thermal R Value
  • Made using Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic materials
  • Complies to European and American fire and smoke safety requirements
  • Zero maintenance requirement


Home Insulation for Roofs, Loft Floors, Walls & Basement: Carmika™ SFL serves as an ideal roof insulation material to keep home cool from inside during the summers by reflecting up to 97% of the outside heat. It can also serve as an effective thermal barrier during the winters to trap warmth inside homes. Carmika™ can also be used to keep the loft floor to retain indoor temperatures effectively. Being just 4mm thick, Carmika™ sheets can be placed between walls and floor for effective insulation. 

Vehicle Insulation: Carmika™ sheets can be cut into desired shape and can be installed inside vehicles using adhesive or screws for effective protection from UV rays and for thermal protection. 

Cold Supply Chain Insulation: Carmika™ can serve as an excellent thermal barrier for Cold Supply Chain vehicles. Goods can be wrapped in Carmika™ sheets to avoid wastage and spoilage due to temperature variations.

Technical Specification

Product NameCarmika
Thermal Conductivity0.03858(w/mk)
R Value5.25(w/m²)

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