Carmika Eco

Carmika Eco

Protective Packaging

Reliable insulation  & scratch-resistant   properties

Carmika Eco is manufactured using a layer of plastic sheet laminated with non-woven plastic  fabric on both sides. The plastic air pockets act as a thermal barrier and keep the temperature in check, ensuring effective insulation.

Thanks to its unique cushioning properties, Carmika Eco is ideal for protective packaging for OEM and materials which need packaging that has scratch-resistant protection properties.

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Carmika Eco | Feature & Benefits

Soft surface
100% recyclable
Humid and chemical resistant
High tensile strength
Good insulation properties
Wide range of applications

Technical Specification

Product Name Carmika
Thickness 4mm
Tensile Strength 30 lb
R Value R3
Water Vapour Permeance 0.0 perms

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